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*Size or Color may vary due to hand-made

Green Tree Of Life Cannatonik 16 Inches Bong.


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Height   16 Inches

Weight   1.30 Kg

Thickness   9MM

Available Color  Green

Brand  Cannatonik

Box/Packing  Single

Joint Size   14MM

Ice   Yes

Quick Overview

Green Tree Of Life Cannatonik Bong comes with Ice Catcher. Ice Catchers are pinched glass formation inside the body of the bong which hold ice above the water chamber. As the smoke comes up the tube, the ice cubes will cool it down for cool smoke experience.

The Tree Of Life Cannatonik Bong comes in height 16 inches. It made from good quality 9MM glass. It has 1.30 Kg weight. It comes with Cannatonik Bowl and Stem of joint size 14MM.

Designed In Canada