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*Size or Color may vary due to hand-made

High Roller


Availability: In stock


Available Color  Red/Silver/Black/Green

Brand  Brands

Box/Packing  Single

Quick Overview

A grinder for cannabis and legal herbs; pack your cone in less than 30 seconds and enlighten your smoking experience!

Rolling your marijuana is a timely process that people like to enjoy and be precise with, but if you are ever in a rush, we have the answer for you!

Our portable roller grinds and packs your roll in seconds is an absolute must buy! This grinder is selling hot so grab yours while we have them in stock! Highroller is the ultimate grinder for weed and dry herbs. This grinder packs your weed into a pre-rolled cone and stores it in a fresh and odorless manner, with its magnetically sealed lid.


  • Assorted
  • Clear
  • Red
  • Smoke
  • Green