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Wholesale music

At Smoke Tokes, your wholesale smoking accessories, we sell a wide variety of wholesale smoking accessories which include our wholesale flags some of which include wholesale marijuana leaf flags, wholesale Bob Marley flags, wholesale Car flags, wholesale bike flags, wholesale character flags, wholesale country flags, and wholesale music flags! Some of our music flags wholesale priced include wholesale Tupac flags, wholesale Batman flags, wholesale pirate flags, wholesale Superman flags, wholesale ACDC flags, and much more on our wholesale smoking goods website!

Buy wholesale music flags in bulk and buy wholesale flags in bulk and ensure both you and your customer’s satisfaction! Our cheap wholesale flags also happen to be high-quality wholesale flags that maintain a great texture through and through. We are your most trusted flags wholesale manufacturer in Canada which is why we want to present you with the best wholesale flag sales and wholesale flag deals! 

We here at Smoke Tokes, takes pride in being your trusted smoking goods wholesaler in Canada! As your wholesaler in Canada, we aim to answer all your questions and concerns about our wholesale smoking accessories so that you can feel comfortable about placing an order. Contact us through our email, through the telephone, or through our live chat! As your Canadian wholesaler, we strive to serve all your smoking needs and desires.


  • 1 Spade Flag

    spade flag

    SKU: ST-HFC122

  • 2 Limp Bizkit Flag

    limp bizkit flag

    SKU: ST-HFL280

  • 3 Staind Flag

    staind flag

    SKU: ST-HFL406

  • 4 Goddess Desire Flag

    goddess desire flag

    SKU: ST-HFL423

  • 5 Tribal War Flag

    tribal war flag

    SKU: ST-HFL632

  • 6 Sonata Arctica Flag

    sonata arctica flag

    SKU: ST-HFL654

  • 7 Caliban Flag

    caliban flag

    SKU: ST-HFL0844

  • 8 For Those About To Rock Flag

    for those about to rock flag

    SKU: ST-HFL0719

  • 9 Persistence Of Time Flag

    persistence of time flag

    SKU: ST-HFL0787

  • 10 All Eyez on Me Flag

    all eyez on me flag

    SKU: ST-HFS0045

  • 11 US Tour 78 Flag

    us tour 78 flag

    SKU: ST-HFL1164

  • 12 Live To Donington Flag

    live to donington flag

    SKU: ST-HFL0695

  • 13 I Am The Law Flag

    i am the law flag

    SKU: ST-HFL0788

  • 14 Stars & Stripes Flag

    stars & stripes flag

    SKU: ST-HFL1184

  • 15 Snoop Dog Flag

    snoop dog flag

    SKU: ST-HFS0044

  • 16 Fire Bat Flag

    fire bat flag

    SKU: ST-HFL1079

  • 17 Victoria Frances Flag

    victoria frances flag

    SKU: ST-HFL0976

  • 18 Batman Flag

    batman flag

    SKU: ST-HFL0563

  • 19 A7X Flag

    a7x flag

    SKU: ST-HFL1191

  • 20 TUPAC Flag

    tupac flag

    SKU: ST-HFL1180

  • 21 Anthrax Flag

    anthrax flag

    SKU: ST-HFL0789

  • 22 Welcome To Family Flag

    welcome to family flag

    SKU: ST-HFL1165

  • 23 Lost Soul Flag

    lost soul flag

    SKU: ST-DF003

  • 24 Biohazard Flag

    biohazard flag

    SKU: ST-HFL87

  • 25 Victoria Frances Flag

    victoria frances flag

    SKU: ST-DF006

    Out Of Stock
  • 26 Native Spirit Flag

    native spirit flag

    SKU: ST-HFC36

    Out Of Stock
  • 27 Pirate Skull Flag

    pirate skull flag

    SKU: ST-HFL1049

    Out Of Stock
  • 28 Crazy Roses Flag

    crazy roses flag

    SKU: ST-HFL1100

    Out Of Stock
  • 29 Super Speed Flag

    super speed flag

    SKU: ST-HFL562

    Out Of Stock
  • 30 Victoria Frances Flag

    victoria frances flag

    SKU: ST-DF001

    Out Of Stock
  • 31 Highway To Hell Flag

    highway to hell flag

    SKU: ST-HFL0746

    Out Of Stock