Unicorn Magic Crown Glass Tree Perc 14 Inches Bong from the Funk Collection

  • SKU: ST-FU-14WH

After the major success of Crown Glass’s Canada 420 line, we are pleased to let you know that Crown Glass has come out with their new hottest hit: The Funk Collection! The Funk Collection features 6 bongs with intense graphics that are bound to catch anyone’s eye.

The Unicorn Magic bong is 14 inches in size and has a tree percolator. This cylindrical bong is convenient in size because of its portability and easy storage. This bong is 9mm in thickness which guarantees the highest quality of glass! The Unicorn Magic bong has high-quality images of unicorns in white and grey to make sure it is soft on the eyes but also stands out on its own because of its beauty and artistic design.

Available Colors: Green | Purple | Amber | Grey | Blue | White


Height: 14in / 35cm
Weight: 1200 Gm
Thickness: 9 MM
Available Colors: White
Sizes: 14 Inches
Brand: Crown Glass
Design: Unicorn Magic
Display/Box: Single
Joint Size: 19 MM
Ice: Yes
Made In:
Material: Glass
Shape: Cylindrical
Usage: Bong
Master Cartoon Qty:

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