Abstract Drawing

Abstract art is different from regular art. Instead of showing things you can recognize like objects or scenes, it uses shapes, colors, and forms to express meaning. These things might not look like real stuff. Artists use abstract art to explore feelings and ideas in their own way, rather than showing things exactly as they are.

In abstract art, the focus isn't on showing a particular thing or story. Instead, the main aim is to make people feel things and imagine stuff. Abstract artists use shapes and colors that don't represent real objects to make artworks that everyone can see differently and feel their own way. This art encourages people to get involved and be creative. Unlike art that shows things exactly as they are, abstract art lets viewers join in and decide what it means to them. Everyone can see abstract art in their own way, based on their own feelings and experiences. 

Abstract art comes in lots of different types. It can be geometric shapes, patterns, or even just brushstrokes and random designs. Some abstract artists use methods like cutting and pasting, adding layers, or trying out new materials to be even more creative and push the limits of art.

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