As a premier CANADIAN VAPE WHOLESALE, we take great pride in offering a best selection of high-quality products to enhance your smoking experience. Among our top-tier offerings, we are excited to introduce you to Waka Sopro 10,000 Puffs Disposable Vape.
That is an impressive 18ML e-liquid capacity, this variety ensures that your customers have an abundant supply of their favorite flavors. No need to worry about running out of vape juice anytime soon, the Waka has got them covered for an extended vaping session. Its 850mAh battery, the Waka Puffs Disposable Vape guarantees long-lasting power to keep your customers vaping without interruptions. Reduces the rate of consumption and offers freshness up to 10,000 puffs.
Activate the boost mode and let it work its magic. By activating two mesh coils simultaneously, this mode doubles the satisfaction, providing much bigger and more intense puffs. Explore our selection of bulk disposable Vapes and Vape Pens with best-selling brands that offer the best pricing and fast shipping with an incredible customer support team. We carry a wide range of disposable vape products which are of good quality.
These vapes are available in a wide array of exciting and delicious flavors, catering to the diverse preferences of your customers. Thank you for considering us for your requirements. We look forward to serving you and becoming your go-to wholesale supplier for all your smoking products.

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