As a VAPE DISTRIBUTOR CANADA, we're super excited to introduce our newest product, the Gcore E-Liquid, to you. When you purchase our various vapes in larger quantities, you'll enjoy great discounts. This means you can stock your store with top-notch, cutting-edge products at affordable prices.

This vape is special because it uses Mesh Coil technology. With this cool tech, every time you puff, your vaping feels super smooth and tasty. It doesn't only improve the flavors, it makes them awesome! Our e-Liquid comes in yummy flavors like blueberry cherry, chilled red classic, watermelon fluff, sour green apple, and more. Every flavor was carefully created to make every breath enjoyable. We put a lot of effort into making sure each flavor is super tasty, and you can get it in easy-to-use 30ml pre-filled bottles.

Our big vape store is super simple for shop owners to get lots of vapes. All you have to do is sign up, look through our products, and add what you like to your shopping cart. We have great prices and fast shipping, so your order will come quickly. This vape is small and compact. It's perfect for both new and experienced vapers. Our flavors are made for a great inhaling experience. We're proud to be a top supplier in Canada, offering top-notch products and service. If you need a reliable wholesale vape supplier. So, contact us now!

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