We're your CANADIAN VAPE WHOLESALE, our latest Oxbar Disposable Vapes, renowned for its precise liquid levels and battery specifications. The sophisticated metal casing effortlessly conveys its quality upon reveal. As a wholesale supplier, we provide competitive prices for purchasing disposable vapes in large quantities. Whether you manage a vape store or are launching your own vaping venture, we have the perfect solution tailored for you.

Get a classy disposable vape that's really cool – check out the Oxbar! It's stylish and tough with its aluminum body, making it both strong and good-looking. Enjoy vaping for a long time with this cool device. Plus, the best part is, if you buy a bulk of this together, you'll get awesome wholesale prices that you won't find anywhere else! These vapes stand out with their big 20ML E-Liquid tank, so you can savor your favorite flavors for a long time without having to refill constantly. The robust 900mAh battery guarantees it's always prepared, delivering a robust and reliable performance every time you take a puff. Thanks to the dual mesh coil technology, the airflow, vapor, and flavor get a boost, ensuring an incredibly pleasant vaping experience. Enhance your vaping pleasure with the 1.1Ω Mesh Coil for a smoother and more flavorful experience. Enjoy comfortable vaping with the thoughtfully crafted mouthpiece.

Check out these awesome vapes with flavors like apple melon ice, cherry lime ice, mango pineapple ice, strawberry raspberry, strawberry kiwi, dragon fruit lychee, and more. Buy them in large quantities for a great deal. Each flavor is made to make your vaping experience enjoyable. The slim and comfy design feels great in your hand, and it looks stylish too. Contact us now to order in bulk or learn about our other products. We're excited to assist you and enhance your business with our top-notch smoking accessories!

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