Waka 10,000

We're your reliable CANADIAN VAPE WHOLESALE for top-quality vaping products, dedicated to providing superb quality and value. We're excited to introduce our newest product, the Waka Sopro 10,000 Puffs Disposable Vape, made for customers who want an outstanding vaping experience. This device is very small, light, and easy to carry, so your customers can take it anywhere. They won't miss any vaping opportunities. Its stylish and comfortable design adds a fashionable touch for any vape lover.

Allspark offers many yummy flavors. Pick from options like watermelon kiwi, triple berry, cool mint, dragon fruit berry, strawberry scoop, citrus blast, pink lemon, watermelon chill, strawberry banana, and more in Canada. Whether you like minty freshness or fruity sweetness, we've got a flavor for you. Our wholesale disposable vapes are great for anyone who wants an easy vaping experience.

These vapes stand out with their big 18ML E-Liquid tank, allowing you to enjoy your favorite flavors for a long time without needing frequent refills. The durable 850mAh battery ensures it's always prepared, providing a powerful and reliable performance with each puff. 

We're happy to be your trusted partner for wholesale smoking accessories. Check out our store to find the flavors we have and get top-quality vapes! If you're looking for a dependable, budget-friendly, and respected vape supplier, reach out to us now to order or find out more. We're eager to help you and contribute to your business's success.

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