B.C. Compliance

We're happy to be your go-to place for all things vaping. We're excited to show you our new product, the Mini Pop Hybrid Box 1000 Puffs Disposable Vape. You can find it in our store now. This vape is made just for our special customers in lovely British Columbia.
This vape has fantastic features that make your vaping experience awesome. It can hold e-liquid, so you can vape for a really long time without having to fill it up a lot. And it has a powerful 500mAh battery that lasts a really long time, so you can vape all day without any breaks. It's small, lightweight, and looks cool, making it great for vaping on the move. You can pick from lots of tasty flavors like mint, mango, blueberry, and more. We put special care into making each flavor with the best ingredients, so every puff is super enjoyable. You can find a flavor you like. We have various products for people who want an easy vape.
Our wholesale shop makes it easy for stores to buy lots of vapes. Just sign up, look at our vapes, and put the ones you want in your cart. We have good prices and fast shipping, so you get your order quickly. We are happy to be one of the top sellers of disposable vapes in Canada. We offer our customers the best stuff and services. If you need a dependable and trusted wholesale vape supplier, choose us.

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