Drip'n 5000

We're thrilled to introduce our latest product - the Drip'n 5k Disposable Vapes in Canada. Check out our range of VAPE DISTRIBUTOR CANADA, available at wholesale prices, perfect for stocking up your shelves with the newest and best products around. This vape features an ergonomically designed mouthpiece that delivers unparalleled comfort and ease of use. Your customers will appreciate the thoughtful design that enhances their overall session, making each puff enjoyable and satisfying.
A variety of delectable flavors awaits, such as honeydew mango, kiwi guava, strawberry kiwi banana, and numerous others. Each flavor is meticulously composed using high-quality ingredients, ensuring that each inhale is a truly delightful encounter. The pre-filled e-liquid comes in a 10ml quantity. This disposable vape boasts an enhanced inhaling sensation and a 650mAh battery, guaranteeing up to 5000 puffs per device. Encased within the Drip'n 5k Grip Mesh is a 10ml reservoir of pre-filled e-juice, allowing you to savor exquisite flavors right out of the packaging.
It is equipped with a cutting-edge mesh coil that guarantees an even distribution of heat, resulting in a smooth and satisfying vapor production that every puff is packed with flavor, delivering a great vaping experience. Don't miss out the opportunity on this vape. Contact us today to learn more about wholesale pricing and how you can elevate your business with this exceptional vaping solution.

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