Five Stage Grinder

We're excited to present our top-notch grinders with five stages, guaranteeing a perfect grind every time. These grinders are crafted with precision engineering and top-notch materials, making sure they're tough and built to last.
These are the five phases of our Cannatonik grinders, explained in simple terms:-
Stage 1- The first step involves the grinder breaking your dried herbs into smaller fragments. The grinder's sharp teeth tear the herbs into tiny pieces, which makes them easier to grind in the following steps.
Stage 2- In the next step, the grinder makes the herbs even finer. The grinder's teeth get closer together, creating a finer grind.
Stage 3- In the third step, the grinder sorts out the tiny bits from the big ones. The herbs go through a net-like screen, which catches the small bits and allows the big ones to go on through.
Stage 4- In the fourth step, the grinder gathers the tiny bits in the bottom part. This special chamber is made to store the very small pieces away from the bigger ones.
Stage 5- The last step is when you can gather your finely ground herbs and have a great time smoking. The bottom part of the grinder comes off easily, so it's simple to get to your herbs.
These grinders are simple to operate and maintain, so they're a must for any smoker. They're available in various colors and sizes, ensuring you can discover the ideal grinder to suit your requirements. These grinders are crafted with top-notch materials, ensuring they last a long time. We believe our grinders will impress you and can't wait to be your favorite place for top-notch smoking gear.

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