We're your CANADIAN DISTRIBUTOR, we aim to serve all of your smoking accessory needs which is we have high-quality one hitters and dugouts for sale on our website! Our wholesale one-hitters have affordable pricing like our wholesale dugouts! A one-hitter is basically a mini pipe that is good for about one or two puffs because it is so easily portable and perfect on the go. The dugout is the part that can hold your legal herb as well the one-hitter so that you can simply carry it in your pocket casually. Buy one-hitters and dugouts today to ensure that you get the best one hitter deals and dugout sales!

We carry a wide range of wholesale one hitters and dugouts which include wholesale one-hitters, wholesale wooden dugouts, wholesale aluminum dugouts, wholesale acrylic dugouts, and wholesale renewable dugouts. Our dugouts are all vastly different from each other because they come in different designs, colors, styles, sizes, textures, and shapes! Each customer can find their own unique fit because of all the options that we provide!

We aim to serve all your wholesale smoking needs so if you have any questions about our wholesale one-hitters and wholesale dugouts, then please do not hesitate to contact us through our live chat, through the telephone, or through email! We are your Canadian wholesaler for smoking goods and much more, so allow us to help you find the perfect products for your shop.

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