We're your DISTRIBUTOR IN CANADA, satya is the world's favorite incense brand. One of their unique fragrances, Nag Champa, is a closely guarded secret recipe passed down through generations in their 60-year-old family tradition. This stick, made from herbs and essential oils, has a strong and lovely scent that can help you relax and create a peaceful atmosphere.
Its sticks are made by rolling them by hand in the old-fashioned way, using honey and natural plants. They burn for around an hour, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the full aroma of your herbs. No need to ponder the delightful, sweet, and herbal aroma wafting from smoke shops any longer! It's the unique incense fragrance that permeates the entire space with hints of tropical flowers, allowing you to savor every bit of your herbs. But be cautious not to lose yourself in it.
We have all the incense you need in one place, with famous brands like Satya, Goloka, Juicy, Garden Fresh, and more. Our variety is top quality, easy to use, and good for the environment, making sure you have a great and dependable experience. We provide a wide range of unique fragrances and fantastic discounts for wholesale Satya incense orders. We're not just about Satya; we also carry other well-loved incense brands, making us a top distributor of smoking accessories in Canada. 

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