Triple Digit Scales

If you handle herbs or tobacco every day, having a scale is super important to measure accurately. We've got a great range of smoke scales that make weighing your products a breeze. We're the top DISTRIBUTOR OF TRIPLE DIGITAL SCALES IN CANADA and offer the best prices for personal use scales. Packed with handy features like auto-off to save power, easy one-touch calibration, and a big LCD screen for clear viewing, our Triple Digital Scale is a portable and versatile choice you'll adore using.

Whether it's food, medicine, herbs, or any herbal products, this battery-operated scale from a top supplier in Canada guarantees accurate readings every time. It's a great replacement for old manual analog scales used for weighing herbs. This Triple Digital Scale serves various purposes like a shipping scale, kitchen scale, jewelry scale, or weed scale. It measures in grams, pennyweights, grains, and carats. As one of the largest suppliers in Canada, we assure you that this compact Triple Digital Scale will easily fit into your backpack or purse for quick and convenient on-the-go weighing.
The Triple Digital Scale from one of Canada's top suppliers is the solution you need. It accurately measures even the lightest materials, ensuring precise doses every time. As one of the main wholesale suppliers of weighing scales in Canada, you can rely on us to provide you with one.
Our Triple Digital Scale is among the best, most convenient, and accurate digital scales available. Plus, we offer a wide selection of products to choose from. It's surprisingly affordable when you purchase it from us, the top smoking accessories distributor in Canada. Get yours today!

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