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In life, numbers are important. When something is sold by weight, paying attention to numbers and measurements becomes even more crucial. If you're an experienced smoker seeking accessories, consider adding the Cannatonik Digital Scale to your kit for accurate weighing. Make sure you got what you paid for by using this digital scale. We are the only distributor of Cannatonik scales in Canada.
Before you take medicine or smoke, it's important to measure your intake dose accurately and carefully. If you take too little, you might not feel any effects, and if you take too much, you could experience anxiety, palpitations, paranoia, and more. This Scale is the solution as it accurately measures even the lightest materials. With this scale, you'll always get the dose right. We are one of the largest suppliers of weighing scales in Canada, so feel free to reach out to us for a purchase.
Among the various digital scales in the market today, the Cannatonik Digital Scale stands out as the top-rated choice. Its excellence lies not only in its high precision but also in features like a removable lid that doubles as a tray, a bright LCD display, and other intriguing functionalities. The tray is spacious and deep, allowing you to load and weigh your items in one go. This sturdy and sought-after product is in high demand. Retailers trust us as their primary wholesale provider for weighing scales due to our reliability.
As the top distributors of smoking accessories in Canada, our best-selling item is this scale. Trusted by smokers worldwide, we are the largest distributors of digital scales in the country, delivering them across Canada. Rest assured, all our products are genuine and original.

Green Montreal Single Digit Scale


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