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*Size or Color may vary due to hand-made

Assorted Insideout Medium Sidecar Deal Of 20 Pcs


Availability: In stock


Available Color  Assorted

Box/Packing  Deal Of 20

Quick Overview

This is a deal of assorted color medium sidecar. It includes IOHS-I-3 MED-A, IOHS-I-3 MED-B, IOHS-I-3 MED-C, IOHS-3 MED-D, IOHS-3 MED-E, IOHS-I-3 MED-F, IOHS-3 MED-G, IOHS-3 MED-H, IOHS-3 MED-I, IOHS-3 MED-J. It contains two of each.