As a top WHOLESALE VAPE CANADA, we're excited to present the newest addition to our lineup: Flip E-Liquid. Our products come in a range of colors and flavors, and we're always expanding the selection to provide more options. Indulge in a variety of tasty vape options like strawberry melon, tropical ice, strawberry kiwi banana, killberry ice, grape punch ice, razz nana ice, berry colada, and more. Every flavor is carefully made with top-notch ingredients, guaranteeing a delightful vaping experience each time.

This vape boasts a sleek and compact design, perfect for those who prefer a discreet option. Its shape is crafted for a comfortable fit in your hand, ensuring no awkwardness during extended use. No need for cleaning or buying new parts – simply use it until it's empty and savor the excellent taste and vapor.

We understand the evolving demands in the smoking industry and strive to provide our customers with the latest and most creative products. Enjoy outstanding vaping with this disposable vape, equipped with a large-capacity battery and a generous 30ML e-liquid capacity. It ensures prolonged usage without the hassle of refills or recharging.

As a wholesale distributor, we're proud to provide very competitive prices for large orders. With our wide network of suppliers and manufacturers, we ensure top-quality products that stand out in the market. Contact our team to learn more about our affordable wholesale rates, options for bulk orders, and additional accessories that can boost your business.

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