Juicy Bar

We're the reliable source for Vape Wholesale in Canada, and we're thrilled to announce our newest product, the Juicy Bar Vape, joining our lineup of top-notch vaping items sold in bulk.

Prepare yourself for an explosion of flavor with the Juicy Bar Vape. It's not just any disposable vape, it's a premium device crafted for vapers seeking top-notch quality and an unmatched experience. The Juicy Bar JB25000 boasts an impressive 19mL e-liquid capacity and provides over 25,000 delightful puffs. It's like having endless summer vibes right in your pocket!

With the LED screen, you can effortlessly monitor settings and battery life, while USB-C charging guarantees quick and hassle-free charging, no wires required. The JB25000 Pro Max catches the eye with its cutting-edge super dual mesh coil technology. This ensures you enjoy plentiful, silky smoke with every puff. Moreover, the Juicy Bar JB 25K Pro Max includes convenient features like an LED screen and USB-C charging, making vaping while on the go a piece of cake.

As a wholesale distributor, we are committed to providing competitive prices for bulk orders. Our extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers allows us to offer top-quality products at market-leading rates. Contact our team to learn more about our wholesale pricing, bulk order options, and additional accessories that can enhance your business.

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