We're your WHOLESALE VAPE CANADA, we're excited to introduce our newest product, the IVG E-Liquid, to you. Now, you can get our wide range of bulk vapes at wholesale prices, so you can stock your shelves with the latest and greatest products in the industry. Our IVG E-Liquid comes in a variety of yummy flavors like blueberry cherry, chilled red classic, watermelon fluff, sour green apple, and more. We put a lot of care into making each flavor taste great, and it comes in easy-to-use 30ml pre-filled e-liquid bottles.

What makes this vape special is its advanced Mesh Coil technology. This tech makes sure you get a smooth and tasty vaping experience every time you take a puff. It not only makes the flavors pop. Our wholesale store makes it super simple for retailers to order vapes in bulk. Just create an account, check out our products, and add them to your cart. We have competitive prices and fast shipping, so you'll get your order in no time.

It's slim and small, so it's easy to take with you. Whether you're new to vaping or a pro, this vape has something for everyone. Each flavor is carefully made to give you a great experience with every inhale. We're proud to be a top supplier in Canada, and we're committed to offering our customers the best products and services. If you need a reliable wholesale vape supplier, look no further.

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