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*Size or Color may vary due to hand-made

Green Maple Glass Tree Percolator Bong 14 Inches


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Height   14 Inches

Weight   850 Gm

Thickness   7MM

Available Color  Green

Brand  Maple Glass

Box/Packing  Single

Joint Size   14 Mm

Ice   Yes

Quick Overview

Green Maple Glass Bong comes with Tree Percolator. Tree Perc bongs are a classic percolator design that looks cool and works great. The actual tree percolator inside the bong is tube that goes up the middle, that tube attaches to a bunch of arms up high, and those arms descend from that attachment point into the water, resembling the branches of the tree.

The Maple Glass Bong is 14 inches in height and has 14MM joint size. This Maple Glass Bong is good in size and the weight of bong is 850Gm which is easy to carry. This bong is 7mm in thickness that guarantees the good quality of glass!