Canadian Weigh Scale

If your satisfaction relies on your herbs, consider investing in something that takes care of you. A reliable, affordable pocket scale for weighing your herbs before use is a crucial smoking accessory. Particularly, if you choose a Canadian Weigh scale, especially from the leading DISTRIBUTOR IN CANADA, you'll gain both advantages and quality from the suppliers.
Smoke Tokes. stands out as the largest and most respected wholesale supplier of Scales in Canada. We guarantee that our scales are crafted with top-notch quality, factory calibrated, and deliver precise results. Our scales are user-friendly and finely tuned for optimal performance. These Scales are budget-friendly and pocket-sized, perfect for measuring your herbs. Regardless of how much you enjoy them, it's always best to take the right quantity for optimal usage. These scales can measure as accurately as 0.1g to even 0.01g of your herbs, offering the highest precision available from Scale suppliers in Canada. 
Our stores have a diverse range of scales to pick from. Find the scale that fits your needs best. Our scales, sourced from leading Canadian smoking accessories distributors, can measure with up to 3 digits of accuracy or more. Choose from options like 3 Digit Professional, KW Series Double, DS Series Double, Ottawa Double, and straightforward Digital Scales based on your requirements. Our team is here to assist you with product recommendations, processing your orders, and addressing any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us now to inquire about our wholesale prices and to place your order.

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