Weigh Gram Scales

We're a leading DISTRIBUTOR OF SMOKING ACCESSORIES IN CANADA, offering a variety of scales nationwide. As the exclusive distributor for Weigh Gram Scales in Canada, we also stock other brands like Infyniti and Canadian Weight. Our scales are mostly digital and can measure up to double digits. It includes a smart part-counting feature, perfect for accurately counting multiple items, especially useful for businesses managing their inventory. Pocket Scales are popular among smokers for their convenience. These compact devices, powered by batteries, are digital and offer precise measurements, making them easy to carry around.
This features a durable stainless-steel surface, easy to wipe clean and adds a sleek, professional look to your workspace. The large LCD screen is clear and easy to read, ensuring accurate measurement viewing. With the Tare/Zero feature, you can weigh items in containers or subtract container weight for precise measurements. We prioritize your convenience. This Digit Pocket Scale comes with 2 x AAA batteries, so you can start using it right away without needing to find the correct batteries. Order from us for genuine products at affordable prices. We also provide bulk deals on weighing scales at budget-friendly rates. With our extensive experience, we're the top choice for smoking accessories in Canada.

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