kraze HD 9000

As a VAPE DISTRIBUTOR CANADA of Kraze 2.0 9000 Puffs, we aim to offer top-notch products that fit our customers' desires. We have lots of colors, sizes, and flavors, and we're always adding more choices for you to pick from. Our main focus is to make sure all customers have a safe and reliable experience, ensuring satisfaction and enjoyment every time.

These vapes come in awesome flavors like Blue Raspberry Lemon, Cantaloupe, Fruit Flash, Kiwi Passionfruit Guava, Mixed Berries, Peach Mango, Red Apple, Spearmint, Strawberry, Silky Mango, and more. You can purchase them in bulk. Each flavor is crafted to enhance your vaping pleasure with every puff. The slim and comfortable design fits perfectly in your hand, and its stylish appearance adds a classy touch to your vaping sessions.

This vape comes with a powerful 650 mAh battery, ensuring lasting performance. Enjoy extended vaping sessions without frequent recharges, so you can vape uninterrupted and fully relish the experience. Our disposable vape features a generous 15 mL liquid capacity, ensuring you have an ample supply of e-liquid to savor your favorite flavors for longer periods.

Being a leading supplier of vaping products in bulk, we understand the significance of providing competitive prices and flexible ordering options. Alongside, we offer prompt shipping and dedicated customer support to ensure your satisfaction with every purchase. If you're seeking a trustworthy wholesale distributor for this product, rely on us for premium quality items at affordable prices. Reach out today to place your order!

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