Vice Twist

As a reliable VAPE WHOLESALE CANADA, we're delighted to present a variety of fantastic products tailored to the changing needs of smoke shop owners and bulk buyers. In our wide selection, we're thrilled to introduce our latest product: Vice Twist 8000 Puffs Disposable Vape!

This vape is perfect for use on the go because it's small, light, and easy to carry. What sets it apart is its yummy range of flavors. Plus, each vape comes with 14ml of e-liquid and a strong 800mAh battery, ensuring hours of nonstop enjoyment. It's stress-free, needing no upkeep or new parts, so you can enjoy the full flavor and performance until it's empty. This vape is great for when you're out and about. It comes in yummy flavors like peach melon razz, melon berry, island splash, green apple, kiberry, tropical twist, twisted peach, and more. We use the best ingredients for each flavor, so every puff is absolutely delicious.

If you Searching for excellent disposable vapes? So, you've found the perfect spot! As one of Canada's leading suppliers of smoking products, we guarantee quality at budget-friendly prices. Get in touch with us now to get yours and enhance your vaping experience. If you're thinking of buying in large quantities, we offer fantastic prices. Check out our website to get extra savings on your vape buys! We're happy to bring joy to our customers by providing the products they love.

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